<p>Welcome to <em>The Review Review</em>’s archive of content from our first twelve years. </p>

Welcome to The Review Review’s archive of content from our first twelve years.

Becky Tuch’s tenure as Founding Editor was characterized by prolific and creative coverage of the literary publishing industry, and I’m grateful to have the privilege of giving these pieces a new permanent home.

While the look will be different from the original website, we’ve endeavored to keep the content as faithful as possible to the first posting on thereviewreview.net. Exceptions to this include correction of simple typos and style errors (often a result of html coding), author photos and graphic content that couldn’t be reproduced, and weblinks that aren’t included because the original url is no longer active. Otherwise, you’ll find the content intact. If you notice that we’ve come up short in this effort, please do not hesitate to email thereviewreview@gonzaga.edu.

A note about the obvious: this is incomplete. It’s a work in progress. We’ve prioritized the pieces that were the most popular from the original site and those we’ve received special requests for. Beyond, that, we’ve focused for now on the Views on Publishing features and the Interviews. This isn’t to suggest that the Reviews aren’t important to us. Rather, the data from the original site indicates that readers most frequently sought the advice and wisdom in the Views and Interviews. Altogether, we have about 900 Reviews, almost 325 Views on Publishing articles, and nearly the same number of Interviews with editors and writers. Our goal is to add another 20-30 articles to this archive each month until it is as complete as possible. If you would like to see a particular piece added to the queue, please email thereviewreview@gonzaga.edu.

In addition to the authors and editors who were so instrumental in producing the original website, I’d like to thank Becky Tuch for her long devotion to literary magazines, the writers and editors who make them go, and the readers who depend on them. You can read six of her most popular Views on Publishing in this initial batch of archival content.

Finally, a special note of thanks to Shayna Pekala, our Scholarly Communications Librarian at Gonzaga University’s Foley Library Center. She has been instrumental in developing the site’s structure and helping me to understand all that it will offer moving forward. As I sat slack-jawed and overwhelmed by the project, Shayna’s patient and strategic approach to managing and presenting information has been a great boon. Whatever the new https://www.thereviewreview.net/ may become, it would still only be a notion without her insight and dedication.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on our first issue featuring new content, and I look forward to extending the legacy of Becky’s great work.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


Jeffrey G. Dodd

Editor, thereviewreview.net

Assistant Professor, English Department

Gonzaga University