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Focus and Scope

The Review Review is an open-access journal supporting writers, editors, students, and teachers by offering reviews of recent issues of literary magazines, interviews with editors of literary magazines, and features on the publishing industry.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published online as a continuous volume with issues published approximately twice monthly throughout the year. Articles are made available as soon as they are ready to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in getting content publicly available.

Special collections of articles are welcomed and will be published as part of the normal issue, but also within a separate collection page.

Open Access Policy

The Review Review provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. There is no embargo on the journal’s publications.

Authors of articles published after January 1, 2020 remain the copyright holders and grant third parties the right to use, reproduce, and share the article according to the Creative Commons license agreement.

Work published prior to January 1, 2020, will be reposted to The Review Review as time permits, with priority given to original authors who affirm the Creative Commons license Agreement.

Archiving Policy

The journal’s publisher, Gonzaga Library Publishing, focuses on making content discoverable and accessible through indexing services. This journal is indexed by Google, Google Scholar, and Crossref, and content is LOCKSS enabled. In addition, the journal is available for harvesting via OAI-PMH.

Journal Statistics

Core journal statistics for the 2020 volume:

Submissions received1135
Reviews requested2n/a
Reviews received3n/a
Total Rejections422
...of which, Desk rejects522
Acceptance rate724.1%
Time from submission to publication810.8 days


1Number of new articles received by the journal
2Number of peer review invitation emails that were sent out
3Number of completed peer review reports received
4Total number of articles rejected (including desk rejects)
5Number of articles rejected prior to peer review
6Number of articles that received a 'Accept for publication' decision
7Number of acceptances, as a percentage, against the total number of final decisions
8'Mean' average from submission to publication for all publications in the volume

Advertisement policy

The journal only displays advertisements that are of relevance to its scope and will be of interest to the readership (e.g. upcoming conferences). All advertising space is provided free of charge and the editor and publisher have the right to decline or withdraw adverts at any point. Adverts will include a text heading to make it clear that they are adverts not related to the journal.

If you wish to propose a potential advert then please contact the editorial team. All advert images will have to be provided to the publisher.


Founding Editor Becky Tuch launched The Review Review in the spring of 2008. Trying to get her work published felt as futile and inconsequential as trying to write her name on a snowflake. She felt that there was something unsettling about the entire process. What she found when talking with peers was that everyone wanted to be published in literary magazines, but no one knew who published what, who edited which magazines, which ones were printed from universities and which were independent, or at the very least which magazines they liked and which they didn't.

At first, this discovery was comforting. Becky was not alone. With over 2,000 print and online journals, it can be hard to know where to begin.

So she decided to create a resource where writers can get a deeper sense of the journals by reading reviews of the latest issues. Through speaking to more editors, she also learned how challenging this process is for them. Magazine staffs are small and so are budgets. Through interviews, editors can also have an opportunity to talk a little about their journals. Thus, Becky hoped, the entire process can feel less like community service and more like an actual community.

Jeffrey Dodd took over as Editor in late 2019, bringing The Review Review to Gonzaga University as a teaching journal for students in the English Department.

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