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The Review Review newsletter, written by the warm and funny Becky Tuch, is a fantastic way to keep up with all things lit journal: contests, reviews, news. I make all my students sign up as a way to get familiar with the world of literary journal publishing. - Beth Staples, Managing Editor of Hayden's Ferry Review


I REALLY enjoy your newsletters. I get a lot of stuff in my inbox, as I am sure you do, and I ALWAYS read your column. - Susan Burmeister-Brown, editor of Glimmer Train


I love that you are not just reporting web zine buzz or social network news for 20 somethings. You do a great job of including all of us. While it is regrettable that literary mags are in for tough times, and that writers must adjust, this doesn't mean old standards for excellence are dead and that a few lines in a blog will satisfy readers and writers from now on. Literary writing is hard work, it takes hard practice and there's no way to hurry the process. Your newsletter respects this. - Anonymous